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22 Items
Lyrical Branches II Fine-Art Print
Lyrical Branches II
30" x 20"
Price: $229.99
Sale: $114.99
Lyrical Branches III Fine-Art Print
Lyrical Branches III
16" x 12"
Price: $137.99
Sale: $68.99
Life Is A Beach II Fine-Art Print
Life Is A Beach II
17" x 17"
Price: $179.99
Sale: $89.99
Water Over Stones 1 Fine-Art Print
Water Over Stones 1
17" x 34"
Price: $280.99
Sale: $140.49
Lyrical Branches I Fine-Art Print
Lyrical Branches I
30" x 20"
Price: $230.99
Sale: $115.49
Abstracted Afternoon Fine-Art Print
Abstracted Afternoon
33" x 33"
Price: $314.99
Sale: $157.49
Golden Reflections I Fine-Art Print
Golden Reflections I
8" x 24"
Price: $137.99
Sale: $68.99
Winter I Fine-Art Print
Winter I
15" x 15"
Price: $154.99
Sale: $77.49
Life Is A Beach I Fine-Art Print
Life Is A Beach I
17" x 17"
Price: $180.99
Sale: $90.49
Golden Reflections II Fine-Art Print
Golden Reflections II
8" x 24"
Price: $137.99
Sale: $68.99
New Variation II Fine-Art Print
New Variation II
21" x 21"
Price: $206.99
Sale: $103.49
Winter II Fine-Art Print
Winter II
18" x 18"
Price: $163.99
Sale: $81.99
En Todo El Mundo I Fine-Art Print
En Todo El Mundo I
48" x 14"
Price: $330.99
Sale: $165.49
Symbioses I Fine-Art Print
Symbioses I
21" x 21"
Price: $210.99
Sale: $105.49
Point In Time I Fine-Art Print
Point In Time I
21" x 21"
Price: $190.99
Sale: $95.49
Point In Time II Fine-Art Print
Point In Time II
21" x 21"
Price: $190.99
Sale: $95.49
Sur Le Blanc Fine-Art Print
Sur Le Blanc
18" x 24"
Price: $194.99
Sale: $97.49
Chain Reaction Fine-Art Print
Chain Reaction
48" x 36"
Price: $472.99
Sale: $236.49
Le Vase Bleu Fine-Art Print
Le Vase Bleu
20" x 20"
Price: $187.99
Sale: $93.99
Floating Vase II Fine-Art Print
Floating Vase II
24" x 24"
Price: $217.99
Sale: $108.99
Moderno Bello II Fine-Art Print
Moderno Bello II
21" x 45"
Price: $328.99
Sale: $164.49
Floating Vases III Fine-Art Print
Floating Vases III
27" x 27"
Price: $271.99
Sale: $135.99
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22 Items
Mary Calkins loved art from a young age and everyone around her, including herself, knew that she would become an artist. She could spend most of her free time doing artwork. Starting artwork at such a young age provided her with the means to continually refine her technique. It also provided her with the opportunity to learn a lot from other renowned artists. Her work is non-representational, allowing individual interpretation and response. Mary began studies in 1971, but left for some time before returning to the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston to study for a BFA degree in painting in Painting and graduated with honors. During this time, she developed an interest in Native American culture, which led her to study at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She now pursues printmaking and painting full time. She combines different techniques to obtain unique results; the resulting images are rich with color, texture and with historical and environmental influences. Mary forces the viewer to become involved in the geometry her carefully sequenced compositions and to deliberate on them until that deliberation becomes a meditation that evokes mantras that utter a special spirituality. One of her favorite techniques is the incorporation of collage in her work. She currently works in a studio in a peaceful environment of central Massachusetts woodland which has been her family's home for more than a century. Her paintings clearly show that she has an affinity for modern abstraction. She has developed several unique techniques, and is always searching for new ways to combine multiple imagery and mediums.
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