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Marcus Jules Wall Art

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Marcus Jules was born and brought up in New York. He lived a life of an artist from the time he was born. His father was a New York City Italian mob boss - the infamous "Six Fingers Freddy", while his mother, Betty White, was a standup comedian. His love of art and passion for anything artistic enabled him to create beautiful images of his subjects. With a style of his own, his works are able to speak for themselves, attracting clients not only from New York, but also from around the world. His images have been published on greeting cards calendars, posters, and stationery. He strives to make art that will inspire emotion in as many viewers as possible. Growing up in New York, he experienced a mixture of humor, pain, and street life that made him get the "witty and gritty" style that he pours into his artwork.

Jules’ style is inimitable and distinctive; his creativity is reputed as one of the world’s best artists. His most valuable qualification is his passion for the environment around him. Jules has attended many exhibitions and shows to observe what other artists are doing. He has also participated in many art exhibitions where his artworks have featured prominently. He has experimented with many mediums and techniques and usually chooses the best for any work he has at hand. His artworks are owned by galleries, private collectors and museums around the world. Jules’ pieces often incorporate elements from paintings that he admires. Many of his paintings are inspired by the memories of the places he has visited and also of his childhood.
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