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Field and meadow art has been a popular decoration for nearly every venue imaginable, including domestic and professional locales. This type of art depicts the beautiful interactions of nature and how we, as humans, interact with it. The styles of this type of art are diverse thanks to the many artists that choose to work with the subject. However, some of the most memorable and emotive pieces of art ever created have had fields and meadows as their subject matter. Artists choose to depict different aspects of nature and human interaction in their work. Some of the most famous field and meadow works were created by artists such as Jean Francois Millet, Andrew Wyeth, and Thomas Kincade. However, these works all encompass different aspects of human interaction with the natural world.
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Field Art

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2,449 Items
Spring Meadows II Fine-Art Print
Spring Meadows II
36" x 36"
Price: $317.99
Sale: $158.99
In the Garden Fine-Art Print
In the Garden
18" x 24"
Price: $182.99
Sale: $91.49
Shadowed Meadow, Sunlit Pines Fine-Art Print
Shadowed Meadow, Sunlit Pines
32" x 32"
Price: $306.99
Sale: $153.49
Poppy Party Fine-Art Print
Poppy Party
12" x 12"
Price: $104.99
Sale: $52.49
The Old Farmhouse Fine-Art Print
The Old Farmhouse
27" x 21"
Price: $218.99
Sale: $109.49
Apapaveri Toscana II Fine-Art Print
Apapaveri Toscana II
33" x 21"
Price: $252.99
Sale: $126.49
Annapolis Garden Fine-Art Print
Annapolis Garden
33" x 21"
Price: $245.99
Sale: $122.99
The Flowery Garden, c.1907 Fine-Art Print
The Flowery Garden, c.1907
24" x 24"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $235.99
Sale: $117.99
Corn Poppies Fine-Art Print
Corn Poppies
24" x 19"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $207.99
Sale: $103.99
A Beautiful Life Fine-Art Print
A Beautiful Life
20" x 8"
Price: $116.99
Sale: $58.49
Northern Summer Fine-Art Print
Northern Summer
33" x 21"
Price: $231.99
Sale: $115.99
Sunflower Field Fine-Art Print
Sunflower Field
8" x 10"
Price: $79.99
Sale: $39.99
Italian Poppy Vista II Fine-Art Print
Italian Poppy Vista II
25" x 19"
Price: $214.99
Sale: $107.49
Lavender Fields Fine-Art Print
Lavender Fields
21" x 21"
Price: $207.99
Sale: $103.99
Celebration II Fine-Art Print
Celebration II
16" x 17"
Price: $159.99
Sale: $79.99
Color Fields I Fine-Art Print
Color Fields I
16" x 16"
Price: $158.99
Sale: $79.49
Fields of Poppies I Fine-Art Print
Fields of Poppies I
12" x 12"
Price: $98.99
Sale: $49.49
Meadow Garden II Fine-Art Print
Meadow Garden II
32" x 22"
Price: $239.99
Sale: $119.99
The Artist's Garden at Giverny, c.1900 (detail) Fine-Art Print
The Artist's Garden at Giverny, c.1900 (detail)
23" x 20"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $231.99
Sale: $115.99
Scarlet Fields I Fine-Art Print
Scarlet Fields I
24" x 24"
Price: $215.99
Sale: $107.99
Amapolas I Fine-Art Print
Amapolas I
32" x 24"
Price: $241.99
Sale: $120.99
Poppy Pastures I Fine-Art Print
Poppy Pastures I
12" x 12"
Price: $97.99
Sale: $48.99
Campo Di Fiore II Fine-Art Print
Campo Di Fiore II
33" x 21"
Price: $246.99
Sale: $123.49
Boundless Horizons 2 Fine-Art Print
Boundless Horizons 2
19" x 7"
Price: $121.99
Sale: $60.99
Lavender Fields I Fine-Art Print
Lavender Fields I
28" x 20"
Price: $222.99
Sale: $111.49
Valley Of Poppies Fine-Art Print
Valley Of Poppies
10" x 10"
Price: $85.99
Sale: $42.99
The Poppy Field near Giverny, 1885 Fine-Art Print
The Poppy Field near Giverny, 1885
16" x 12"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $138.99
Sale: $69.49
Toscano Valley I Fine-Art Print
Toscano Valley I
10" x 14"
Price: $117.99
Sale: $58.99
Autumn Leaves Wall Poster
Autumn Leaves
33" x 21"
Price: $219.99
Sale: $109.99
Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord Your God (Grey Landscape) Fine-Art Print
Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord Your God (Grey Landscape)
8" x 10"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $84.99
Sale: $42.49
Toscano Valley II Fine-Art Print
Toscano Valley II
8" x 12"
Price: $111.99
Sale: $55.99
Wheatfields under Thunderclouds, 1890 Fine-Art Print
Wheatfields under Thunderclouds, 1890
18" x 8"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $145.99
Sale: $72.99
Poppy Field Fine-Art Print
Poppy Field
33" x 21"
Price: $230.99
Sale: $115.49
Garden Pond Fine-Art Print
Garden Pond
16" x 22"
Price: $182.99
Sale: $91.49
Sunbeams over Lavender Fine-Art Print
Sunbeams over Lavender
15" x 11"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $147.99
Sale: $73.99
Poppies Of Toscano I Fine-Art Print
Poppies Of Toscano I
21" x 21"
Price: $203.99
Sale: $101.99
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2,449 Items
In Millet's 'The Angelus', the hard work and simple faith of colonial Americans is explored, while Andrew Wyeth rails against those same themes in his dream-like depiction of 'Christina's World'. And Thomas Kincade uses illumination techniques in his artwork to reveal comforting scenic areas where God's love is evident in each flower and shrub.

However, these artists are only a few of the examples of diversity contained in this seemingly placid form of art. Field and meadows art is subtle but tells a story as old as time itself, that of man against working with, or against, the forces of nature and the universe.
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