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Really Oversized Art (over 48 inches)

Oversized art is a category of art that encompasses a wide range of styles and subject matter. These works are often considered thematic prints because the only common factor is their size while other elements, such as , subject, style, and even mediums can be drastically different. Oversized art is an ideal decorative option for areas that have a lot of space or for areas that need a focal point.

Many works of famous art pictures can be seen in oversized art. One of the most well-known examples of oversized art is actually from the Renaissance painter Michelangelo Buonarroti. His work 'The Creation of Adam' is one of the most famous art pictures available to modern audiences and is often used as a focal point in decorative schemes.
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Really Oversized over 55 inches Prints

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142 Items
Mediterranean Villa Fine-Art Print
Mediterranean Villa
45" x 33"
Price: $384.99
Sale: $192.49
Pates Baroni Fine-Art Print
Pates Baroni
35" x 48"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $431.99
Sale: $215.99
Harbor Vista Fine-Art Print
Harbor Vista
45" x 33"
Price: $384.99
Sale: $192.49
Long Golden Day Fine-Art Print
Long Golden Day
56" x 34"
Price: $566.99
Sale: $283.49
The Starry Night, c.1889 Fine-Art Print
The Starry Night, c.1889
47" x 38"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $443.99
Sale: $221.99
Marina View II Fine-Art Print
Marina View II
33" x 45"
Price: $347.99
Sale: $173.99
Megalaria Fine-Art Print
45" x 21"
Price: $358.99
Sale: $179.49
Coastal View Fine-Art Print
Coastal View
45" x 33"
Price: $376.99
Sale: $188.49
Solitude Fine-Art Print
32" x 48"
Price: $421.99
Sale: $210.99
Alstromeria Fine-Art Print
48" x 30"
Price: $377.99
Sale: $188.99
Chicago, c.1930 Fine-Art Print
Chicago, c.1930
51" x 24"
Price: $464.99
Sale: $232.49
Passages Fine-Art Print
45" x 33"
Price: $372.99
Sale: $186.49
The Power of One Fine-Art Print
The Power of One
42" x 33"
Price: $405.99
Sale: $202.99
Active Energy I Fine-Art Print
Active Energy I
13" x 45"
Price: $299.99
Sale: $149.99
Skylights Fine-Art Print
45" x 21"
Price: $317.99
Sale: $158.99
Mystery Fine-Art Print
45" x 21"
Price: $321.99
Sale: $160.99
Japanese World Map Fine-Art Print
Japanese World Map
46" x 21"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $328.99
Sale: $164.49
The Edge Fine-Art Print
The Edge
60" x 30"
Price: $542.99
Sale: $271.49
Tree of Life, c.1909 Fine-Art Print
Tree of Life, c.1909
52" x 33"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $553.99
Sale: $276.99
Jewel Calla Lilies Fine-Art Print
Jewel Calla Lilies
45" x 21"
Price: $336.99
Sale: $168.49
Bourdou Fine-Art Print
35" x 48"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $432.99
Sale: $216.49
Chemin Dans Les Bles A Pourville Fine-Art Print
Chemin Dans Les Bles A Pourville
42" x 31"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $379.99
Sale: $189.99
A Peaceful Horizon Fine-Art Print
A Peaceful Horizon
45" x 29"
Price: $482.99
Sale: $241.49
Active Energy II Fine-Art Print
Active Energy II
13" x 45"
Price: $299.99
Sale: $149.99
Golden Plains Fine-Art Print
Golden Plains
45" x 21"
Price: $321.99
Sale: $160.99
Rose Fine-Art Print
49" x 30"
Price: $485.99
Sale: $242.99
Tuscan Village Fine-Art Print
Tuscan Village
36" x 48"
Price: $397.99
Sale: $198.99
Active Energy III Fine-Art Print
Active Energy III
13" x 45"
Price: $299.99
Sale: $149.99
Iron Horse Fine-Art Print
Iron Horse
24" x 51"
Price: $475.99
Sale: $237.99
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142 Items
Oversized art can include any kind of subject or style and is considered a thematic print. However, the majority of these works are actually pop art paintings. These works, such as 'Visions of Marilyn' by Wyndham Boulter, are often used in modern interior design because of their modern connotations and eye-catching executions.

Many photographic images are available in this art category as well. These works lend themselves well to oversized art because it allows the viewer to fully immerse themselves within the image. Unlike canvas art, photographic images have immediate depth and the portrayal of photographic subjects can lend a majesty to these oversized prints that wouldn't be available in a smaller work.
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