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Orange Color Art

Orange art in this category is comprised of a huge variety of paintings, photographs, and prints containing different shades of the color orange. These pieces are an excellent way to add a warm and colorful accent to any decorative environment.

The color orange is usually perceived as an active hue, and is found on the warm end of the color spectrum. It can be used as an energetic accent to other warm colors, or as a bold statement that stands out against a darker arrangement of tones. This Orange wall art collection is a great place to look for a new painting if the color has already been decided upon.
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Orange Color Wall Art

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1,117 Items
Sliced Orange Fine-Art Print
Sliced Orange
16" x 16"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $154.99
Sale: $77.49
Tour de France 1925 Fine-Art Print
Tour de France 1925
18" x 23"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $199.99
Sale: $99.99
Three Gatherers Fine-Art Print
Three Gatherers
16" x 16"
Price: $136.99
Sale: $68.49
Sunclipse Fine-Art Print
33" x 21"
Price: $248.99
Sale: $124.49
Coral Reef Fine-Art Print
Coral Reef
33" x 21"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $330.99
Sale: $165.49
Cognac De L'aigle Fine-Art Print
Cognac De L'aigle
22" x 30"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $254.99
Sale: $127.49
Silver and Amber Crop Fine-Art Print
Silver and Amber Crop
21" x 21"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $253.99
Sale: $126.99
Play Ball IV Fine-Art Print
Play Ball IV
12" x 12"
Price: $103.99
Sale: $51.99
Weaver's Artistry Fine-Art Print
Weaver's Artistry
22" x 28"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $261.99
Sale: $130.99
Autumn Trees Fine-Art Print
Autumn Trees
18" x 18"
Price: $163.99
Sale: $81.99
Sweet and Tender Fine-Art Print
Sweet and Tender
12" x 12"
Price: $102.99
Sale: $51.49
Tannenwald II Fine-Art Print
Tannenwald II
9" x 9"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $112.99
Sale: $56.49
Birch Shoreline Fine-Art Print
Birch Shoreline
33" x 21"
Price: $248.99
Sale: $124.49
Acapulco Two Fine-Art Print
Acapulco Two
16" x 20"
Price: $168.99
Sale: $84.49
Two Dancing Women Fine-Art Print
Two Dancing Women
20" x 14"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $182.99
Sale: $91.49
Flower Dance II Fine-Art Print
Flower Dance II
8" x 20"
Price: $117.99
Sale: $58.99
Chinese Blossoms I Fine-Art Print
Chinese Blossoms I
19" x 19"
Price: $174.99
Sale: $87.49
Orange Einstein Bicycle Quote Fine-Art Print
Orange Einstein Bicycle Quote
20" x 20"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $197.99
Sale: $98.99
Organized Fine-Art Print
24" x 24"
Price: $228.99
Sale: $114.49
Summer Poppies Fine-Art Print
Summer Poppies
36" x 24"
Price: $245.99
Sale: $122.99
Orange Poppy Fine-Art Print
Orange Poppy
6" x 6"
Price: $61.99
Sale: $30.99
Cosmos in the Field III Fine-Art Print
Cosmos in the Field III
6" x 20"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $126.99
Sale: $63.49
Mojave Road Crop Fine-Art Print
Mojave Road Crop
21" x 21"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $253.99
Sale: $126.99
Textured Coral I Fine-Art Print
Textured Coral I
16" x 20"
Price: $151.99
Sale: $75.99
Flaming June Fine-Art Print
Flaming June
12" x 12"
Price: $109.99
Sale: $54.99
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1,117 Items
There is Orange artwork available to complement many different decorative themes. For those who are adding to a nature-themed area, there are many different Orange photographs depicting nature scenes during the fall season, as well as sunrise or sunset pieces showcasing an orange horizon. This category also contains plenty of flower art for a floral-themed space, and a large quantity of abstract art for people who prefer less constrained paintings and prints.

Orange paintings can be found in a vast array of artistic styles from different periods. Folk art from this section can be used as a tribute to many different cultures and groups. For example, the Orange print “Three Gatherers” by Izabella Dahlke is a fine accent to traditional African decor. For decorators who prefer the fine lines and intricate detail of realism, there are pieces created in this style depicting a multitude of settings. Artistic styles ranging from Impressionism to Expressionism can be found here as well, making this a versatile category that can make matching colors and settings an easy task.
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